A THOUSAND YEARS. Within the Bible (KJV), 2 Peter 3:8 states that one day of the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. Thus, 1000 years could equal 24 hours, 500 years could equal 12 hours, 125 years could equal 3 hours, and 31 years could equal about 45 minutes. In his 2010 Internet column called “Filer’s Files,” George Filer showed a reported photo of a huge triangular shape over China that had nine smaller objects (2010). In my e-mail to Filer, I wondered if the nine white objects seen over China in 2010 might be related in time to the nine white objects or flying saucers seen by pilot Kenneth Arnold and prospector Fred Johnson at about the same time over Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, Washington, June 24, 1947. In his reply, Filer seemed to say that we could not really know. One answer might be that the UFOs operate on a different time schedule. That is, 1947 plus 63 years equals 2010. So 63 years might represent years of time to humans but only about 90 minutes to the UFOs. The Levelland, Texas, UFOs of 1957 to the Gulf Breeze, Florida, UFOs of 1987 would represent about 30 years to humans but perhaps only 44 minutes to the UFOs. In this sense, time seems to be shortening. In his book, THE PRE-WRATH RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH, Marvin Rosenthal commented that “The entire seventieth week is not shortened. The last three and one-half years are not shortened. What the Lord Himself teaches is shortened is the Great Tribulation.” Rosenthal writes that the Great Tribulation starts in the middle of the seventieth week but that it does not run to the end of that week but is cut short. According to Rosenthal, the beginning of sorrows equals 3.5 years and the Great Tribulation lasts 3.5 years but is shortened so as to bring in the Day of the Lord. Kenneth Larson

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